Make Money Writing Articles: Top Websites That Pay Writers

Welcome to my article on Make Money Writing Articles. If you’re a writer looking to make money online, numerous websites offer paid opportunities for your skills. From freelance platforms to specialized writing sites, here’s a list of the top websites where you can earn by writing articles.

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Make Money Writing Articles

1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelance platforms, connecting writers with clients who need various types of content. You can find projects ranging from blog posts and articles to technical writing and eBooks. With Upwork, you bid on jobs, and if selected, you can negotiate your rate.

2. Freelancer

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer allows writers to bid on projects posted by clients. The site covers a broad range of writing jobs, including copywriting, content creation, and article writing. The competitive nature of bidding can drive up earnings for skilled writers.

3. ProBlogger Job Board

ProBlogger’s job board is specifically designed for bloggers and content writers. It’s an excellent resource for finding high-quality, well-paying writing jobs. Many reputable companies post their job listings here, seeking experienced writers.

4. Contena

Contena is a premium platform that curates the best writing jobs and opportunities. It’s ideal for writers looking to find high-paying gigs and full-time writing jobs. Contena also offers resources and tools to help improve your writing career.

5. Textbroker

Textbroker connects writers with clients needing content in various niches. Writers are paid per word, and the rate depends on their writing quality level. It’s a great site for beginners looking to build their portfolio and earn money simultaneously.

6. iWriter

iWriter is another platform where writers can earn money based on a pay-per-word system. Writers choose projects from a list, and once approved by the client, they get paid. The more you write and the better your reviews, the higher you can earn.

7. WritersDomain

WritersDomain offers freelance writers the chance to create content on various topics. Writers are paid per article, and the site is known for providing consistent work and timely payments. The application process includes a writing sample to ensure quality.

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Upwork is a top-tier platform that connects freelance writers with clients in need of various types of content. From blog posts and articles to technical writing and eBooks, writers can find diverse projects that match their skills.

  1. Wide Range of Opportunities: Access to a multitude of writing projects across different industries.
  2. Flexible Rates: Set and negotiate your own rates.
  3. Secure Payments: Guaranteed payment protection for completed work.
  4. Global Clientele: Work with clients from around the world.
  5. Skill Development: Enhance your skills through varied projects.
  6. Reputation Building: Build a professional profile with ratings and reviews.

Upwork provides an excellent platform for writers to find consistent work, develop their skills, and advance their freelance careers.


Freelancer is a leading platform that connects writers with clients seeking a range of writing services. Whether you’re into copywriting, content creation, or article writing, Freelancer offers diverse opportunities to match your expertise.

  1. Extensive Job Listings: Numerous writing jobs across various categories.
  2. Competitive Bidding: Bid on projects to win contracts that match your skills.
  3. Secure Payments: Milestone payment system ensures secure transactions.
  4. Global Reach: Access to a worldwide client base.
  5. Flexible Work: Choose projects that fit your schedule.
  6. Skill Verification: Showcase your expertise with skill tests and certifications.
  7. Reputation Building: Build a profile with ratings and feedback from clients.

Freelancer is a valuable platform for writers to find work, enhance their skills, and grow their freelance careers.

ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger Job Board is a specialized platform tailored for bloggers and content writers. It serves as a hub for high-quality job listings from reputable companies seeking experienced writers.

  1. High-Quality Job Postings: Access exclusive job listings from established companies.
  2. Ideal for Bloggers: Tailored for writers with a focus on blogging and content creation.
  3. Direct Employer Contact: Connect directly with employers, fostering professional relationships.
  4. Varied Opportunities: Find writing gigs across different niches and industries.
  5. Reputation Management: Showcase your skills and experience with a professional profile.
  6. Community Support: Engage with fellow writers and industry professionals for networking and support.
  7. Career Growth: Opportunities for advancement and skill development in writing.

The ProBlogger Job Board offers writers a platform to find rewarding writing opportunities and advance their careers in the blogging industry.

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Contena stands out as a premium platform dedicated to curating the best writing jobs and opportunities for freelance writers. It offers a range of high-paying gigs and full-time writing positions, making it an ideal choice for writers looking to elevate their careers.

  1. Curated High-Paying Jobs: Access to exclusive, well-paying writing opportunities.
  2. Career Resources: Benefit from resources and tools to enhance your writing career.
  3. Job Alerts: Receive notifications for relevant job openings tailored to your preferences.
  4. Training Opportunities: Access training materials and workshops to sharpen your skills.
  5. Community Support: Engage with a supportive community of writers for networking and advice.
  6. Membership Benefits: Enjoy exclusive perks as a Contena member, including access to premium job listings.

Contena empowers writers to thrive in their freelance careers by providing top-notch opportunities and valuable resources.


Textbroker offers writers a platform to monetize their skills through a pay-per-word system. It caters to writers of all skill levels, making it an excellent starting point for beginners and a reliable source of income for seasoned writers.

  1. Pay-Per-Word Earnings: Get paid based on the number of words written, with rates varying by quality level.
  2. Opportunities for All: Access writing projects suitable for writers at every skill level.
  3. Regular Payments: Receive timely payments for completed assignments.
  4. Wide Range of Topics: Explore diverse writing topics to expand your portfolio.
  5. Flexibility: Work on your schedule and choose projects that align with your interests.
  6. Skill Improvement: Enhance your writing skills through regular practice and feedback.

Textbroker provides writers with a reliable platform to earn money while honing their craft.


iWriter is a platform that offers freelance writers the opportunity to earn money through a straightforward pay-per-word system. With a simple project selection process, writers can quickly find assignments that match their interests and skills.

  1. Effortless Project Selection: Easily browse and choose from a variety of writing projects.
  2. Pay-Per-Word Earnings: Writers are compensated based on the number of words written.
  3. Flexible Work: Work on your own schedule and choose projects that fit your availability.
  4. Opportunities for All Skill Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned writer, iWriter offers projects suitable for everyone.
  5. Fast Approval Process: Get your work approved quickly and receive prompt payments.
  6. Client Ratings and Reviews: Build your reputation through positive client feedback.
  7. Potential for Higher Earnings: Earn higher rates as you gain experience and receive positive reviews.

iWriter provides writers with a user-friendly platform to earn money while honing their writing skills. Join today and embark on your freelance writing journey!


WritersDomain is a platform that offers freelance writers the chance to create content on various topics while ensuring a steady stream of work. With a pay-per-article system and a straightforward application process, it’s an ideal platform for writers looking for consistent assignments.

  1. Pay-Per-Article System: Get paid for each completed article, providing financial stability.
  2. Consistent Work Availability: Writers can find a steady flow of assignments to keep their workload consistent.
  3. Timely Payments: Writers receive payments promptly upon article approval.
  4. Varied Topics: Explore a wide range of topics to diversify your writing portfolio.
  5. Quality Assurance: Maintain high standards with thorough article guidelines and editorial review.
  6. User-Friendly Platform: Easily navigate the website to find and complete assignments efficiently.
  7. Community Support: Engage with fellow writers for advice, support, and networking opportunities.

WritersDomain offers writers a reliable platform to showcase their skills and earn a consistent income through writing. Join today to embark on your freelance writing journey!


Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting, these websites offer numerous opportunities to make money writing articles. By leveraging these platforms, you can find projects that match your interests and expertise, helping you build a successful writing career.

Start exploring these websites today and turn your writing skills into a profitable venture. Happy writing!

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Thank you for taking the time to read my article “Make Money Writing Articles: Top Websites That Pay Writers”, hope it helps!

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